Q & A

Why choose beef protein instead of plant based or whey?
Beef protein naturally contains collagen, gelatin, and micro-nutrients your body needs. Our beef protein doesn’t contain possible allergens like dairy, gluten, egg, and soy.

Does The Nourish Market protein taste like beef?
Not at all! We spent years creating the perfect blend of ingredients so you get the benefits of beef protein, in a delicious tasting protein powder.

How many servings per bag?
The Nourish Market protein contains 30 servings of beef protein per bag. Most customers use it daily, meaning each container offers a month’s supply. With our subscription service, you can get your monthly protein supply delivered to you automatically— and save 10% off your order.

What is The Nourish Markets protein amino acid profile?
Beef protein is a complete protein (unlike plant proteins)!

Here is our amino acid profile:
Alanine 2.43
Arginine 2.16
Aspartic acid 1.62
Cystine + cystein .03
Glutamic acid 2.97
Glycine 5.4
Histidine .27
Hydroxyproline 2.7
Isoleucine .54
Leucine 1.08
Lysine 1.08
Methionine .24
Phenylalanine .54
Proline 3.24
Serine .81
Threonine .54
Tryptophane 0.05
Tyrosine .27
Valine .81